Much as we enjoy the 1940s House being our everyday home, it is always great fun to share it with others, to see it through their eyes and hear their memories.  For younger visitors, it is an opportunity to discover how ordinary people lived eighty years ago.

You will see what were the latest ideas in modern home-making and furnishing and how advances in labour-saving technology made life easier and more comfortable.

Whilst we normally welcome visitors into our home in person, this year's challenges mean we will need to do it using internet technology - details are below.  Enjoy your visit!


Tour videos

These cover the different rooms, with some extras focusing on specific technology or other topics.


Find out a bit about the man who built our home, plus lots of advertisements from the 1930s-1940s.


This is the first time we have hosted a virtual event and know there will be areas to improve on for next time.  We welcome your feedback via YouTube, Facebook or



Tour videos and Booklet

From Friday 4th September:



From the comfort of your home or anywhere else: online, through your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile telephone.


Just click the links on this page to:

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